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company news about Choose caster wheels, you need to know more

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Wonderful buying experience, your industrial caster takes great pride in the engineering and precision performance, we will buy your products again in the future.

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The shopping cart caster brings one-of-a-kind capabilities and attention to our business needs, excellent job in caster industry.

—— Ing. Zdeněk Dokulil

Medical Caster is fantastic and put experts to work with us in specifying the perfect caster, this improved our products and sales amount.

—— Devesh Girdharie

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Company News
Choose caster wheels, you need to know more
Latest company news about Choose caster wheels, you need to know more

Many customers know what size they need when buying casters. But ask in detail, how much load, what kind of installation, material requirements of the majority is not clear. So as a professional caster manufacturers, you need to pay attention to the basic points of casters.


Size: generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the caster, the more labor-saving, the better the ability to cross the obstacles. Casters are usually expressed in inches. The commonly used sizes are 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches and so on. Generally often need to promote, such as supermarket shopping carts, logistics trolleys, tool carts, such as the use of 4-6-inch casters for the better. But the caster diameter is too big will make the equipment center of gravity rise, the cost increases, so must carry on the comprehensive consideration.


Installation: there are many ways to install casters, the bottom plate type, bolt type, four-bar type, clip spring rod type, cylindrical rod type, octagonal rod type, welded pipe type, hole top type, etc. . In general, the screw rod, insert rod and clamp spring can be used for light load, and the base plate can be used for heavy load, or it can be directly welded to the equipment.


Brake: from the functional point of view, there are brake wheels, brake bracket, both brake is double brake, as well as tread brake, positive brake, side brake, etc. 


Load: the same diameter of the casters, the general manufacturers will produce several series for different load-bearing, such as light, medium, heavy and so on. When calculating the load of a single caster, a certain amount of Factor of safety should be given. When the ground is flat, the single caster load = (the number of casters installed in the total equipment weight) x 1.2(Factor of safety) , a single caster load = the total weight of the equipment, because no matter what kind of uneven ground, there will always be at least three wheels supporting the equipment at the same time, this algorithm is equivalent to increased Factor of safety, more reliable, to prevent under-load, causes the caster life to reduce greatly or causes the accident.


Wheel material: a lot. General UC, TPU, TPR, TPE, PP, PVC, PH, PA, rubber, nylon and so on. This is important depending on the applicable temperature, ground environment, propulsion frequency, propulsion speed, and so on.

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